Monday, August 2, 2010

Homemade Pochade Easel

Here is the "pochade" easel I made for doing small paintings.   I found a mini-display easel at Michaels for around $10 (made by Artist's Loft) which is pretty neat, as it will adjust back and forth & up and down just like a large easel.
 I already had an old tripod which I bought years ago at Goodwill for $6 or $7 --- I never was able to use it much because the screw attachment didn't fit my camera ...  I took the screw out, leaving simply a hole in the plate.
I cut a small squarish piece of wood & drilled a hole in the center, then got a bolt & wing nut so it could attach to the tripod through the hole in the plate.

Then I just screwed the mini-display easel to the block of wood (after pre-drilling) and voila!  a pochade easel that will hold 6X8, 8X10, and 9X12 (horizontal) canvases!
It's not as nice as one of the ones you can buy --- but for what I paid for it, it works great!

I also made an easy brush holder simply by cutting notches in a shoebox lid.


  1. This is very cute. Are you happy with it in the field?

  2. Sorry I am so late with this reply :( Actually I haven't been painting lately, and I never took it outside only used it in my studio, but it worked very well and I really liked it. thanks for your comment!