Friday, August 5, 2011

Roses and rain and butterflies and a sweet potato

I love a rainy day.  There is something so peaceful about the sound of rain, and the air smells so fresh and newly washed afterwards.  Here is a short video of "rain and roses":

We have been clearing out our back yard --- and about time, too.  It was looking like a junkyard.  N has taken 2 truck loads to the dump so far; but when he was dismantling one of the old wood contraptions he had built for his orchids years ago, he found a Monarch chrysalis attached to the underside of the screen.  I thought about keeping it and watching it hatch out, but I've no time right now, so just carried it out to our lemon tree and fastened it securely to its branches.

And since I had my camera out, I also took a picture of the Amazing Sweet Potato.  What a will to live has this plant!  It began its life as a long-term science investigation for my erstwhile second grade class.  With 3 toothpicks stuck into its middle, it just fit into the mouth of the only jar I could find in my kitchen... little did I know the stems would sprout down at the bottom and have to push up through the jar's opening into the air.  I thought for sure it was a goner, but amazingly (like the weeds that push their way through the tiny cracks in sidewalks) it squeezed its stems through somehow and now it is sprawling half way across the floor of our back porch.

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