Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Weeds are like dirty dishes --- you can never get them done completely; there're always new ones coming along.  But I'd rather pull weeds than do dishes.  It's nicer being outside in the fresh air, and I like getting my hands dirty!  Here is a before picture of our front flower bed:

And here is an after picture:

Doesn't it look nice?  It gives me a sense of satisfaction --- there, that's all neatened up!  Of course, it's an ongoing job.  The little weeds are already poking their little heads up again.  I'd put mulch on them, but N says no.  He says it turns into a mess.  

Here is my begonia and a daisy-like flower I bought at Home Depot.  If I put enough flowers in the bed, maybe the weeds won't have anywhere to grow.  :)

And finally, here is a picture of the sky outside my house early one morning.  I went out in my housecoat to mail a letter and I thought the clouds were so pretty I went back in and got my camera.  

And here is my early morning shadow --- I am very tall and pin-headed!

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