Sunday, September 25, 2011

20 Eggheads

Leafing through my old sketchbooks and thought I would post these "egghead" exercises.  The way you do them is first, make a hollow eggshell by poking a hole in each end of an egg with a pin, and then placing your mouth over the opening of one hole and blowing the egg out through the other hole (over a sink, of course).  Be careful not to let any raw egg come into contact with your mouth.  {Have you ever read an old-fashioned novel where the characters eat or drink raw egg?  (Yuk.) They could get away with that then, but nowadays we have Salmonella.}

Anyway, once you have your empty eggshell, you can mark your proportion lines on it with pencil, making sure you place your eyes half-way down the head.  Then you can stand the "egg head" up by putting it in an empty bottle lid; direct your single light source from whichever way you are interested in studying the shadows from, and sketch at least 20 eggheads.

Here are mine:    :)

I got a little carried away with #4 

I would tell you the name of the book that had this exercise in it, but I've forgotten it, sorry

And here is a weird-sort-of-looking guy from one of my old sketchbooks.... I wonder why he is looking at those planets with such a baleful glare?  And why are those planets so small (or him so big, whichever the case may be)  I have a feeling he's nothing but a doodle  :)

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