Thursday, September 8, 2011


Saw a mushroom in the yard.  Happened to have my camera in my hand!  I got down real low and here is a pixie-eye view of a mushroom  :)

And here is a little mud-daubers nest built onto the screen of our back porch:

This made me think of my box of little "treasures" --- I have an empty mud-daubers nest in there.  It was very fragile and I remember I was afraid it would break when I collected it.... but it didn't!

Can you spot it?  In the lower left compartment, just above the broken lizard eggshell.  How cunning these little insects are!

Nature is marvelous, isn't it?   MARVELOUS meaning "causing great wonder; extraordinary".  Nature is so marvelous, so intricate, so complex, so full of wonder --- there simply MUST be a Creator.  There's just no way everything could have happened by itself.  No.  Way.


  1. That is an interesting photo of the mushroom. I am sure with you laying on the ground in the middle of your yard your neighbors were wondering what you were doing.


    1. No.... I have very incurious neighbors actually... Or maybe they're just so strange themselves they don't really notice.... :)