Saturday, December 10, 2011

Paving Porches Etc

N has been figuring and calculating and thinking about putting either pavers or tiles on our front and back porches.  This has been going on for at least a month.... well, this week the decision was made.  Pavers were ordered and delivered, and yesterday when I arrived home, I was surprised to see them already in place on the back porch.  Well, maybe not really surprised.  I know my husband by  now; he is a Type A and doesn't know the meaning of "take your time".  Anyway, today he did the front porch.  After the pavers are laid out in their pattern, you have to drizzle sand into the cracks between them, then sweep it up, then water it down, then repeat.  Getting sand down into the interstices keeps the pavers locked into place.  They were wobbly before we put the sand in (I helped this morning) but now it's just like a real floor!  At least the part that we did.  Still have more than half left to do.  Here is what it looks like:

I feel fine.  I didn't really do that much -- besides admire the result :)  -- but N is very stiff and sore.  That's what happens when you are a can't-take-it-slow-go-getter!  I have rubbed N's knee and elbow with camphophenique, and hopefully it will feel better soon.
Doesn't it look nice?
Here is a pitcher of fresh white daisies.  We had some people over about a week ago and I got the flowers to make the table look nice.  The house looks nice, too!  It gets cleaned much better than usual when we have company...

Today I had to throw out most of the daisies, but there were still a few that are still fresh --- here they are in a small glass vase:

Tracked my Dick Blick order this afternoon -- it's on schedule, and should be on my doorstep by Tuesday.  I just love getting packages in the mail... I hope the delivery man will appreciate our beautiful new paved entry way  :)

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