Sunday, January 29, 2012


Politics is something I don't care much about, and I dropped out of trying to keep up with the news years ago.  However, as a Christian, I think it is my duty to vote.  I'm a one-issue voter.  It seems to me that abortion is the basic, watershed issue; also, if someone is pro-life, they will generally line up along the other things I believe in.  So I vote on whoever is the strongest pro-life candidate.  

Usually I get online right before the election and see who stands where, but this time I couldn't see where RTL was endorsing anyone, or even putting out much info about anyone.  But yesterday I received a copy of the Pinellas County Right to Life newsletter in the mail and it had a good article on the Republican candidates.  So I am passing along the info by posting it here:

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Some Old Sketches

Here are a couple of sketches from some old sketchbooks:

the first is after a portrait by Sargent; the second is of my sister.  Doesn't look a whole lot like her...  :)
but maybe a little bit.  

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Thru My Window

I was very sneaky the other day.  Right outside my bedroom window is an overgrown trellis where N keeps a large flowerpot saucer filled with water for the birds.  I saw some birds taking a drink, and realized they couldn't see me through the window, so got a short video of them.  One of these days I want to take the screen out and clean the window so I can get a REALLY clear shot.

Click on link below picture to see video:

Monday, January 16, 2012


The conversation turned to Raggedy Ann a couple of weeks ago at a small family get-together -- my younger nephew's little girls, aged 4 and 2, do not have Raggedy Ann dolls yet, and their grandmother (my sister) wants to get them each one.  Raggedy Ann is sort of an institution I guess; a real classic.  I'll bet most women had a Raggedy Ann when they were little girls.  My sister and I each had one; hers has vanished with the passing years, but I still have mine.

I remember very clearly how we got them.  We were at the toy store looking at dolls, and at the time my mother could not afford to buy us any of the expensive plastic dolls.  So she told us a story about a poor little rag doll that nobody wanted, and a spoiled little rich girl who actually threw the poor thing on the floor and screamed that it was ugly and she wanted a fancy plastic doll!  Oh, poor Raggedy Ann, her poor little heart was crushed.  Nobody wanted her.

"We want her!  We want poor little Raggedy Ann!" my sister and I cried.  And so we each went home with our own Raggedy Ann, and we knew that Raggedy Ann loved us because her little red heart said so.

Here is my old Raggedy Ann.  Her face is brown where I spilled root beer on it once, and one of her feet is a little bigger than the other one because my cat chewed it off when he was a kitten and I had to make her a new foot.  Her original clothes wore completely out, and I made her a new dress out of Holly Hobbie fabric so that she could look fairly respectable lying on my bed in my dorm when I went off to college and (of course) took her along.  :)

Well, talking about Raggedy Ann got me to thinking about making my own version of a rag doll, and this weekend I happened to feel like sewing, so I took a trip down to JoAnn's and got a bag of PolyFill and some muslin and some thick yarn, and then came home & scrabbled around in my rag bag and worked out a simple design ---- and here is my "Rag-Bag Doll":

Didn't she turn out cute?  I just love her!  She was so much fun to make, and I think any little girl would love to have her.  She is soft and cuddly and has such a cheerful little face.  And unlike my Raggedy Ann, her hair can be fixed different ways.  It can be left loose, or tied into pigtails, or even braided.  Her little rag dress comes off and slips back on very easily with the elastic neck opening, and has a little pocket on the front where Rag-Bag Dolly can keep something.  Next I'm going to make a little white nightgown for her to sleep in.
Here is a picture of Rag-Bag Dolly without her dress, as you can see she is wearing a sewn-on black body stocking --- and there is a little red felt heart that says "i love u"
How cute is that?  I wish I was a little girl again....   :)

She turned out so well and is so much fun I think I will put some Rag-Bag Dollies in my HomeSweetTeapot etsy shop.  I want to make a few slight improvements in the design first.  Also, maybe have some stories to go along with her.  
Anyway, stay tuned for further developments!   :)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Florida Alligator

Haven't been able to keep my resolutions very well this past week as I caught a stupid bug.  Have been drinking enough hot tea to float the Queen Mary.  Feeling better now.

Here are some pix of alligators from my visit to Busch Gardens I did back in --- I think it was October?  click on the link below the bottom picture to see a short video of them

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Screens and Skies

Now that N has put pavers on the front and back porches, he has moved on to screening in our front porch.  It is a small area --- just enough for 2 people to sit --- but he will have to put a door in, which he says will be a little tricky.  The past couple days he has cut and installed the white metal uprights and cross bars for the short side of the porch, and today he worked very hard pushing the screen into the channels -- it took several hours at least.  I helped him a little bit by unrolling the screen on the driveway and cutting it out -- I felt like I was sort of cutting out a dress pattern, outside  :)

And while I had my camera out, I took some pictures of the sky right before it began to get dark...

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I quit making New Year's resolutions for quite awhile, because somehow or other they always went by the wayside.  But THIS year I have made two:

#1 is to lose 15 pounds.  Permanently.  Lose it AND keep it off.  So far since the 1st I have lost 2.

#2 is to stick to a schedule I have made.  If I can stick to this schedule, I think good things will happen in my life.

I am hoping that by announcing these resolutions to all the world, I will be able to keep them.   If I flub up, everybody in the world will know.
Or rather, everybody in the world could know.  Of course, not everybody in the world has a computer, and not everyone who has a computer is on the internet.  And out of all the countless hordes of people who do, only a tiny, miniscule fraction of a fraction will ever see this blog.  This blog is a very small needle in a humongous haystack.  Nevertheless, these resolutions are now public, and if I don't keep them, that will be public too, so I hope that the fear of losing face in such a public way will help me to keep them.


Yesterday I made my first slideshow on iPhoto --- it is so neat!  There are 6 different ways it can be presented, and you can have music playing on it, etc.  The photos are from back in the late 60's and I was very surprised at how good it turned out.  I think I will use one of the photos to paint my next picture from.


And here is a small sketch from an old sketchbook:

after James Montgomery Flagg

Someday I am going to take this in to class and show it to the kids who want to read their book while they are walking in line   :)