Sunday, January 29, 2012


Politics is something I don't care much about, and I dropped out of trying to keep up with the news years ago.  However, as a Christian, I think it is my duty to vote.  I'm a one-issue voter.  It seems to me that abortion is the basic, watershed issue; also, if someone is pro-life, they will generally line up along the other things I believe in.  So I vote on whoever is the strongest pro-life candidate.  

Usually I get online right before the election and see who stands where, but this time I couldn't see where RTL was endorsing anyone, or even putting out much info about anyone.  But yesterday I received a copy of the Pinellas County Right to Life newsletter in the mail and it had a good article on the Republican candidates.  So I am passing along the info by posting it here:


  1. Modern politics scare me. The candidates are a reflection on our society. Newt talks a good talk and is one of the few candidates who can spar with Obama, unfortunately, (and I pointed this out to my daughter at the beginning) he has too much baggage to show that he doesn't walk the walk. Santorum appears to be a good respectable man, however, he lacks the verbal judo skills to effectively get his point across to our current sound bite generation. Most Americans lack the attention span of a gnat and then only focus on themselves. Truly a dissapointing situation for our country.

    Chris H.

    1. Chris, thank you for your thoughtful comment. Actually, thank you for your comment, period! I get so few comments! You have made my day!