Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I quit making New Year's resolutions for quite awhile, because somehow or other they always went by the wayside.  But THIS year I have made two:

#1 is to lose 15 pounds.  Permanently.  Lose it AND keep it off.  So far since the 1st I have lost 2.

#2 is to stick to a schedule I have made.  If I can stick to this schedule, I think good things will happen in my life.

I am hoping that by announcing these resolutions to all the world, I will be able to keep them.   If I flub up, everybody in the world will know.
Or rather, everybody in the world could know.  Of course, not everybody in the world has a computer, and not everyone who has a computer is on the internet.  And out of all the countless hordes of people who do, only a tiny, miniscule fraction of a fraction will ever see this blog.  This blog is a very small needle in a humongous haystack.  Nevertheless, these resolutions are now public, and if I don't keep them, that will be public too, so I hope that the fear of losing face in such a public way will help me to keep them.


Yesterday I made my first slideshow on iPhoto --- it is so neat!  There are 6 different ways it can be presented, and you can have music playing on it, etc.  The photos are from back in the late 60's and I was very surprised at how good it turned out.  I think I will use one of the photos to paint my next picture from.


And here is a small sketch from an old sketchbook:

after James Montgomery Flagg

Someday I am going to take this in to class and show it to the kids who want to read their book while they are walking in line   :)

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