Saturday, April 28, 2012

Little Avocados; Blue Sky; Old Sketches

N wanted me to look at his avocado tree in the back yard tonight.  It actually has some avocados on it!  Last year it had some, too, but they were all lost in a freeze.  Hopefully this year we will get to eat a few of them:

And here is a weed in the back yard.  Our yard is mostly weeds.... it's very sad, but true.

The sky was really beautiful out there;  but when I took this pic the ground and trees came out a lot darker than they really were.  I don't know why my camera does that.  There's probably some way to compensate for that, but I'm not a very knowledgeable photo-taker.  I just point and shoot.   :)

And here's a couple more old sketches.  The first is a self-portrait --- doesn't look a whole lot like me.  and the second is after an illustration in Rowland Hilder's watercolor book.


  1. Christa's Mom had gotten upset about a tomato plant that she had put a lot of work into, but it would produce tomatoes. Early one morning her Dad put a tomato on a spike in the middle of the plant and yelled for her to come see the tomato her plant had. She was so excited it never occurred to her to wonder how a ripe tomato ended up on her plant overnight. It took her a while to figure out it was a store bought tomato. It was pretty funny.

    1. Ha! That WOULD be funny! snicker, snicker.... What did she do to get him back?