Friday, June 22, 2012

The Lincoln Memorial

A long straight pathway leads alongside the Reflecting Pool to the Lincoln Memorial.  Thankfully, it is shady!  The Reflecting Pool is having some kind of restoration or construction work done on it.  The tree-lined path is crowded with tourists, and every so often there are benches to sit down on.

Tall flights of stone steps lead up to the memorial.

At the top of the steps, the Washington Memorial may be seen in the distance.

There is a portico which runs around the entire outside perimeter of the building.

The view from one side of the portico.

The stone columns are massive, and very tall.

Inside the building, Lincoln sits and looks upon posterity with a sad and grave gaze.

At Lincoln's right, the wall is engraved with his Gettysburg Address.  There is a mural painted over the speech, but the paint is so dark and the mural is so high it is difficult to distinguish.

And on the other wall, to Lincoln's left, is engraved his Second Inaugural Address.

If Lincoln's stony eyes could see....

The 3 panels of the Second Inaugural Address follow.

Lincoln wrote his own speeches.  Notice that he quotes the Bible and speaks of God with reverence and belief.  It is obvious from this speech that Lincoln realized that God rules over all, including human governments.