Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Marriott and The Metro

On our recent quick trip to Washington, DC, we were planning to stay outside the city at Fredericksburg; however, once we got there we realized that would be a little too far to be able to go into DC comfortably.  Falls Church, Virginia, is pretty close but the hotels are expensive --- but we just happened into a special rate at the Fairview Marriott.  Usually a standard room there is over $300, but they were having a special weekend AAA rate of $79 !  Yay!

Here is a pic of the sign posted inside our door:

As I passed down the hallway on the way to and from getting ice, I noticed one of the doors said "Madison Presidential Suite" ---  I would have loved to have caught a glimpse of what was inside, but no one ever came out of that room while I was passing.  I wonder what a hotel room would be like that would cost $1,500 per night to stay there????   (I guess I will never know.... ha ha)

Here are some pics of the hotel:

The front lobby:

Here is our room:

The bad news was the only room they could give us was on the FIFTEENTH FLOOR.  Gulp.  And I don't like heights.....

This is the view from our room, which I looked at as little as possible -- ha ha

And here are a few of the flowers growing in the well-manicured beds at the front of the hotel:

The Marriott also had a complimentary shuttle which took us to and from the Metro station.  The Washington, DC, subway system is called "The Metro".  I had never ridden on a subway before --- it was very interesting.  Buying the farecard and figuring out how to use it the first time was challenging; also figuring out where to get out, etc. the first time; but after the first day we were seasoned subway-travellers.  (well, maybe not quite  :)

Here are some pics of the Metro station:

Here is a pic of the Metro farecard:

And a pic of the Metro map ---- we got on at the Dunn Loring station and got off at the Smithsonian station every day.

Click here to see a short video of the Metro.

I've got lots more pix from our trip, especially of the beautiful art in the National Gallery ---- did I mention I took over 600 pic's?   Stay tuned for more about DC and the Smoky Mts in later posts....

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