Saturday, June 30, 2012

People Looking at Paintings

On our recent trip to Washington, DC, my main focus was the National Gallery of Art --- the West building, which has a TON of beautiful and famous paintings (and sculpture, but I just didn't have time to look at much sculpture).  I took a LOT of pictures of the pictures    :)     but I liked to observe the human interest outside of the paintings, as well.  I surreptitiously snapped a few pix of people looking at the paintings, and here they are:

A thoughtful appraisal.

Ah.  That's beautiful.

But we need a closer look.

Gray pants, dark shirt, paper in hand ---- life reflected in paint.  Or paint repeated in life... whichever way you look at it.

Taking pix of pix.

It feels SO good to sit down for awhile.

So that's Renoir.


Uh oh.  Caught.  Sometimes I'm not surreptitious enough.

Very interesting.

Very interesting indeed.

Oh, dear.  I just thought of something.

Okay ...

All tuckered out.  Famous paintings can do that to you.

The bewigged and behatted versus the tonsured and bareheaded.  3 to 1.

The ubiquitous cell phone.  Do you think they are discussing the art?  Do you think maybe he's talking to HER and she's talking to HIM?  About the art?  Even though they're sitting right next to each other ... it just feels so natural to have a cell phone on the ear ... can't talk without one anymore .... maybe  :)

This is my favorite.  They're just so serious, so contemplative, so --- cute.

Gorgeous!  I must get a pic of THIS one.

Great art must be discussed.  Seriously.

These lovely girls were slowly circling the room, engrossed in the paintings, and fell into some lovely natural poses.  But this is the only pic I was able to snap surreptitious-wise.

The end.  Hope you enjoyed looking at people looking at pix!


  1. Blogger is so strange this post I meant to let you know I enjoyed your photos and your commentary. But somehow, it got attached to your "Lincoln Memorial" post. To that, I would more say thank you for allowing many of us who may never see it a chance along with the interesting points about him recognising who really is the true and ultimate Leader :-)

    1. I agree, Blogger is very strange many times! It's often sort of hit or miss with me. Thanks for your comment --- I really enjoy posting on my blog and am happy someone else appreciates what I put on here :) Yes, Lincoln was truly great, and his greatness derived from acknowledgment of our Creator. It was a real experience to be able to visit DC, even though we had only 3 days there.