Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy Bees & Avocado Trees

Found some really cute glass beads last week, and made them up into old-fashioned ribbon necklaces.  The bails are sterling silver, of course, and the ribbon closure is a vintage button from my button jar and a simple loop --- it works charmingly!  And looks charmingly, too, I think...

Here is my HAPPY BEE

And here are some others ---    I'll be putting them in the shop in a few weeks.

And the avocado tree in the back yard is going to town --- the avocados are really big now.

And the lemons on our fruit cocktail tree are still green but getting bigger.  Our fruit cocktail tree is a multi-graft citrus and is supposed to bear other fruit besides lemons --- I think maybe oranges and grapefruit and limes --- but it doesn't know that.  All it has ever produced is lemons.

One lonely little lemon flower --- it's a little late in the season for the flowers!  This little guy missed his cue.

N taking a look at the lemons.

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