Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Impending NAME CHANGE -- please note

Finally have decided to do a line of photo greeting cards (see pix below).  Planning to do some shop re-arranging for this, and will be getting rid of my "Paint Spatter" shop, so will be changing the name of this blog as well.

I'm thinking the new name for this blog will be "JoyceAlice", but I'll put up another post before I actually make the change.

I call my new venture "The Seeing Eye" --- when I look at the world around me I see the handiwork of God.  Blind chance could not have created this wonderful, complex universe.

I also ran off this card today:

This is a pic I took at Busch Gardens.  I like the richness of color and pattern.  I wanted to see how my Epson printer would handle all the colors, and I think it did a good job on it.  I had a caption underneath the pic "WHUTZ COOKIN' ?" but for some obscure reason that I haven't figured out yet, it got cut off.  

And here is my latest piece of abstract art:

Ha ha.  Actually, I did this by mistake.  This is a part of the above image --- I forgot to close out the original photo in Photoshop and accidentally printed it out instead of the card.  It was such a large resolution it only printed a small part of the image.  By the time I realized what had happened the printer was chugging merrily along and almost done.  Well, another mark for experience.

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