Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Washington DC

Here are some more pix from our (not-so-recent) trip to DC:
Our three days in our nation's capital left me with an impression of heavy, solid buildings and monuments; lots of Greco-Roman type architecture with massive columns and carved reliefs; and a lot of construction going on everywhere.  The people we ran into were all very pleasant and helpful --- DC seems to be a pretty friendly city.

This building is the Smithsonian Center; it's called "the Castle".  It has info about the Smithsonian museums.  This is where we went to first, to try to figure out where to go and what to see.

And here is the building where we spent most of our time, the National Gallery of Art.  I lucked out --- they just happened to be having an exhibition of George Bellows, one of my favorite artists.  So I was able to see many of his paintings up close and personal --- a wonderful opportunity.  You weren't allowed to take pix of his paintings, though, so the only pix I have of George Bellows work is the 2 paintings owned by the NGA itself, in their regular collection.

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