Saturday, December 15, 2012

New Roses

N has been going back and forth about the roses to be planted in the front and side yards for quite awhile now; this morning I went with him to a rose place in Tampa and we finally got them ---- 9 rose bushes.

They are all floribundas on fortuniana root because N wants to do the least amount of maintenance.

We will plant six shrub roses out front:  3 Tuscan Suns, 1 Our Lady of Guadelupe, and 2 Belinda's Dream.   I think they will be lovely.

Tuscan Sun

Our Lady of Guadelupe

Belinda's Dream

Tuscan Sun

Sheila's Perfume

And in the side yard 1 White Prosperity, a climbing rose for the trellis, and 2 Sheila's Perfume in front of the trellis.  The Sheila's Perfume has a strong fragrance.

The roses in the back part of the trellis were planted a couple of weeks ago:  the climbing rose is Don Juan, and one of the ones in front is Double Delight --- a really lovely rose.  I forget what the other one is.

Our yard gets better and better!

PS -- some ant lion hills ... when you're down there getting close-ups of roses, you notice other things too

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sky Views

Some pics I snapped in Clearwater this weekend, from the parking lot where I get my hair cut.