Saturday, April 28, 2012

Little Avocados; Blue Sky; Old Sketches

N wanted me to look at his avocado tree in the back yard tonight.  It actually has some avocados on it!  Last year it had some, too, but they were all lost in a freeze.  Hopefully this year we will get to eat a few of them:

And here is a weed in the back yard.  Our yard is mostly weeds.... it's very sad, but true.

The sky was really beautiful out there;  but when I took this pic the ground and trees came out a lot darker than they really were.  I don't know why my camera does that.  There's probably some way to compensate for that, but I'm not a very knowledgeable photo-taker.  I just point and shoot.   :)

And here's a couple more old sketches.  The first is a self-portrait --- doesn't look a whole lot like me.  and the second is after an illustration in Rowland Hilder's watercolor book.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

This n That

We were sitting out on our "new" front porch this afternoon.  Here is a picture of a June bug on the outside of the screen:

And another day lily has bloomed:

And here is a weed-daisy:

And a very young peach on N's little peach tree:

And lastly a couple of drawings from an old sketchbook:

Above, a doodle.  Below, after Sargent.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


The National Right to Life sent me an email today, and this was on it.  It said it could be shared online, so I am posting it here:

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

More Pix

I love my little camera.  Here is a picture I took of our neighbor's cat across the street --- I just zoomed all the way out (my camera has a 14X zoom on it even though it's just a point-and-shoot).

And here is a pic of the flag against a blue sky with white clouds ---- this is in front of the branch library just down the street.

Monday, April 16, 2012


Some pix I took tonight.  We have one day lily in bloom; it is blooming on its own as N has not done anything except give them a little water once in awhile.  It's been very dry and our yard is very brown and weedy.  Hopefully more day lilies will be blooming soon --- the yellow ones are my favorites I think.

And here is a pic of the sky tonight.  I don't know why I seem to be fixated on skies lately, but they are just looking lovely to me these days.  Each day and each hour is different.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

100 Things --- #3

Number 3 on my list of 100 Things is this little porcelain rose pitcher.  I value it because it belonged to my mother, and she was very fond of it.  I believe she was given it by her mother or maybe even her grandmother.

My family happened to be living on Kodiak Island, Alaska, in 1964 during a severe earthquake (it was called the Good Friday Quake because it happened on the Friday before Easter).  My father was stationed at the Naval Air Base there.  I remember we had just finished supper and my mother had made a German chocolate cake for dessert and I was just raising the first forkful to my mouth when my hand jiggled.  For a moment I thought my sister was deliberately jostling me, but then the whole table, our chairs, the floor, and our whole apartment was shaking.  There was a horrible loud roar which sounded like a train was passing by directly under the floor and my father shouted, "Get out!  Get out! It's an earthquake!"  We all tried to run, but it was very difficult, as the floor was heaving up and down just like a fun house at a carnival.  I remember seeing the knick-knacks on some glass shelves in the dining room bouncing up and down.

Well, my mother grabbed the little rose pitcher from off those bouncing shelves as she passed by.  It was the only thing she took with her out of the house as we all ran out.

Here is an old photo of my mother sometime during the 1940's, before she was married.  She was living at the Anna Louise Inn in Cincinnati, Ohio, and you can see the little rose pitcher on a shelf or table behind her head.

And here is a wedding picture from 1950.  You can see my parents, my grandparents, and, on a bookcase shelf behind my grandfather's leg is the little rose pitcher.

It would be interesting to find out how old it is.  There is a mark on the bottom; just a raised cross and nothing else.  I've looked around on the internet a little, but have no idea really how to find out.  Well, maybe I am better off not knowing.  :)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Wink's Terrarium & Don's Buckeye Wood Pen

Here is a picture of a little terrarium that my Aunt Winkie just made --- isn't it cute?   It makes me feel like making one myself... if I had the time, I would.

And here are some pix of a wood pen that my Uncle Don made, it is some sort of "buckeye" wood (I forget exactly what he said).  It is hand-turned on a lathe.  I love it --- it is now my favorite pen.  The wood feels very smooth and comfortable when I hold it.  Perhaps I will write the Great American Novel with it --- who knows?

Click on this link  HAND-MADE WOOD PENS to go to his website and order your own wood pen!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rag Dolls and Rainbows

Here are a lot of pix of my new rag dolls, and of my 2 sweet little great-nieces playing with them.  I want to write and illustrate some stories to go with the rag dolls.... one of these days, when I have some time....
The rag dolls I have in my Etsy shop just come with a slip-on-and-off dress, but I made I and M each a little white nightgown for the dolls I gave them, so they can be put to bed for naps   :)    They loved putting the nightgowns on their dolls and putting them to bed;  I think I may list some little nightgowns on Etsy to go along with the rag dollies.  Maybe even a pattern for the dress / nightgown.

A picture of a field beside a road I travel every so often.

And finally, click on this link and you will see a short video of my new dust-free room.  Well, I'm sure it's not totally dust-free, but it is greatly dust-reduced, anyway.  It looks a little bare but the prism in the window fills it with rainbows when the sun is shining in.    :)