Thursday, January 10, 2013

Elephant Rides, Cat Drinks, Cranes and Tree Trunks

These  pix were taken from my recent trip to Winter Haven to visit my aunt and cousin.
The elephants were at a Flea Market beside the road --- I could have had an elephant ride but I played it safe and didn't do it  (but now I wish I had  :)  --- think how much more interesting this post could have been if I had pictures taken from the top of an elephant to upload...

The cat belongs to my cousin; I nicknamed him "His Majesty" while I was there  :)   As you can see, he drinks his water using several different methods.   :)

And here is a pix of a sandhill crane, after I fiddled with the photo editing:

And a pic of some landscaping, likewise improved (?) by some fiddling with photo editing   :)

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