Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Can you quirk your left eyebrow?  I can.  Just my left, not my right.  Odd, that.

Gregory Peck can quirk his left eyebrow, too.  Quite a bit higher than I can quirk mine, actually.

I noticed this (interesting?) fact after watching "Roman Holiday".

I had seen it before but not in quite awhile.  A REALLY good movie!  The DVD cover is in color, but actually the movie itself is in black and white ---- an artistic decision at a time (1953) when color was available.    {Since the entire movie was shot on location in Rome, the director did not want the exotic locale to overwhelm the characters or the story.} 

Anyhow, I wonder how common it is for people to be able to quirk an eyebrow?  And is it always the left eyebrow?  And if so, why not the right one?  Perhaps right-handed people can quirk their left eyebrows, and left-handed people can quirk their right ones.  

I must make this the subject of my next informal survey.  ha ha.

I wonder if Gregory Peck could also wiggle his ears....   I can wiggle mine.  Can you?

This is a very silly post    :)

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