Sunday, October 27, 2013

Flamenco in Tarpon Springs

N & I drove over to Tarpon Springs last night and had dinner at a small Greek restaurant and then saw the "Flamenco Puro" show at the Performing Arts Center.  Pix of the show were not allowed, but I took pix of everything else!

View from our seat in the restaurant ---  I liked the design of the railing outside (circles atop vertical lines) with the horizontal lines of the window blind superimposed.

the people next to us ordered Flaming Cheese, but I wasn't quick enough with my point-and-shoot to catch the flames --- all I got was some smoke....

I had a gyro sandwich, N had pastitos.  It was a LOT to eat, I'm glad I was smart enough not to get the gyro meal!

there were some pretty pots of flowers outside the restaurant

Took a short walk in the little neighborhood surrounding the Performing Arts Center.

I think these little houses are picturesque.

somebody's Halloween decoration   :)

The Tarpon Springs Performing Arts Center is inside the city hall building.  I liked how the late afternoon sun illumined the bricks on the top of the building.

this sweet little fairy statue was sitting all by itself on the front lawn

I think dark tree branches against a pale sky is beautiful.

N's patience for picture-taking wears thin quickly.  "I'm going on in."  he says.

It is dark after the flamenco.  We drive the hour home, stopping once at a Dairy Queen along the way to buy me a medium dipped cone ---- yum.

We have seen a really good performance.  A flamenco guitarist, a singer/percussionist, and 3 women dancers.  The dancers used fans, castenets, and one solo performance involved a beautiful shawl with deep fringe --- lovely.

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