Saturday, November 9, 2013

Up On The Roof

We are painting our house.  Well, when I say "we", I guess I mean N is doing the actual brush-and-roller-wielding....  however, since I am lighter and more sure-footed than he, I insisted on being the one to climb the tall ladder and actually get onto the little roof peaky place over the garage and paint that one particular hard-to-reach spot.

Here are some pix to prove I WAS THERE  (ha)


  1. Joyce - Thanks so much for the letter bringing all of the Dudley's up to date with what you and Norm are up to. I'm glad that you have a new Aliner and hope you will be out west next summer and pay me a visit. You can park it out front and stay here in my apartment. I'm impressed that you are up on the roof! Hope you and Norm are doing well. Best wishes.
    Bill Dudley

  2. Bill - A visit to San Francisco sounds delightful! And it would be wonderful to see you -- it's been awhile! We had the Aliner out again today (in our driveway) and it is really cute. A little home on wheels. I want to post some pix of it here on my blog once we get it all figured out.... Take care, Joyce