Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Back from Trip - No Novel

Dear Blog -- I'm back!  and it's good to be home!

We spent almost 2 months in our camper and went to Tennessee, Minnesota, Ohio, Vermont, Maine...  but I didn't get my novel written   :(

Just camping kept me so busy there just wasn't enough time!  Daily life takes a lot more time (and energy) when you are camping, and especially when you are dry-camping  (camping without electricity or water).   Seems like every place we camped, the bathrooms were a hefty distance UP hill  :)
I did get some research done; I am learning a lot about Great Britain, and it's very interesting.  (I'm ready if I ever get to go there for a visit -- ha!)

Actually we've been back for probably a month now, but I've been tied up with stuff we had to do on the house.  But now I'm back into my art stuff!  Hooray!

Here are some prints and a card I've just made for my Seeing Eye shop with photos I took on the trip:

They have a lot of interesting architecture up North --- I found myself very intrigued by the old houses and old buildings we saw.

Click here to see more old buildings and houses from our trip.



  1. Dear Joyce - - so glad you are back. I hope you had lots of fun traveling this summer. Sorry no novel written but maybe winter will help you in that endeavor. Lovely pictures and your cards are so pretty too. Take care and have a great day.

  2. Debbie -- thanks, it's really good to be back.