Saturday, October 25, 2014

Pink Alamandas

Can't believe it's been a couple of weeks since I've posted on my blog ...  I've joined Facebook and that is taking some of my time.  Not really sure how Facebook works, and not really sure if I like it or not --- we'll see.

Anyway, today is beautiful weather!  Sunny and clear, not cool enough for a sweater but not-hot, like Florida weather ought to be -- invigorating!

Went out in the back yard this morning to help N put up a golf net, and beheld this pink alamanda growing at the corner of the house.  Took some pix because I think the shadows are as pretty as the flower itself --- and also the seed pod is so cool looking!

And here is a quick pic of my work table.  Re-did a typography wood print; made the lettering darker.  Cut wood block, sanded edges, drilled hole in back.  Next step glue print to wood, then protective coating on print and acrylic paint on back and sides.  last of all will stamp my shop name on the back!

Also did some copper and pink quartz jewelry lately:


  1. The seed pod looks like a rambutan a local fruit here in Malaysia

  2. The rambutan sounds really cool, and I think it's also cool that I got a comment from Malaysia! Thank you!