Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Setting the Turkeys Free! and other things

Monday I gave my 3 little great-nieces an art lesson --- it was so much fun!  Their ages range from 2 to 7, so first we read Setting the Turkeys Free, a really cute picture book about a little boy who makes a lot of hand-print turkeys and keeps them inside a popsicle stick fence, but has to set them free to save them from mean old Foxy the fox   :)

Then we made our own turkeys, only instead of finger paint we traced our hands and colored them in.  We gave them toothpick legs and an popsicle-stick fence   :)

Here is Aunt Joyce's turkey art:

I would have posted pix of Indi and Mela's pictures, but unfortunately I forgot my camera  :(

I've been doing some more jewelry, also.

Necklace is a narrow black satin ribbon with a loop knotted at either end.  Loops slip over a hammered copper spiral to fasten.

Some super lightweight geometric dangles.  I had a piece of 20 gauge sterling silver which I had messed up and discarded from another project, so I just bent it into zig-zags and really love how it turned out.  I've been wearing these every day for the past week!  I love long dangles, and these are so light I forget I even have them on.

Was doodling around with pen and ink on a small square of heavy watercolor paper.  Think these could make cute necklaces, with varnish and a bail added.

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