Saturday, September 27, 2014

It Is What Is Is.... etcetera

Some new stuff I have listed in my JoyceAlice2 shop

prints mounted to ACEO size wood blocks 
3 versions: cat, lady, man

A2 size get-well card

"Beatrice always wore blue -- she felt it gave her an ethereal air..."
8x10 archival print of my acrylic painting

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Back from Trip - No Novel

Dear Blog -- I'm back!  and it's good to be home!

We spent almost 2 months in our camper and went to Tennessee, Minnesota, Ohio, Vermont, Maine...  but I didn't get my novel written   :(

Just camping kept me so busy there just wasn't enough time!  Daily life takes a lot more time (and energy) when you are camping, and especially when you are dry-camping  (camping without electricity or water).   Seems like every place we camped, the bathrooms were a hefty distance UP hill  :)
I did get some research done; I am learning a lot about Great Britain, and it's very interesting.  (I'm ready if I ever get to go there for a visit -- ha!)

Actually we've been back for probably a month now, but I've been tied up with stuff we had to do on the house.  But now I'm back into my art stuff!  Hooray!

Here are some prints and a card I've just made for my Seeing Eye shop with photos I took on the trip:

They have a lot of interesting architecture up North --- I found myself very intrigued by the old houses and old buildings we saw.

Click here to see more old buildings and houses from our trip.