Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Camping in the rain

Got back last week from ten days in a pop-up camper at Santa Rosa Beach and Grayton Beach in the Florida panhandle...  it rained EVERY SINGLE DAY.

There were tornado warnings one morning, and sheets and sheets of rain and wind, so we packed it up and left 2 days early.  The beach was just beautiful though (in between bouts of rain) and very few people there.

Big and bright hibiscus flowers in front of a restaurant we went to.

The view from the laundry room, which had Wi Fi, at the campground.  Spent some time here with my new iPad (which I love).

And these guys were so cute I had to take a picture of them --- some sculptures at the local library there.


Here is a chrysalis which I found Monday afternoon fastened to the recycling bin when I went to the street to dump our recyclables.  It would have been destroyed when the truck came in the morning, so I have put it in this jar and will watch it hatch out.  It is a beautiful thing:  lovely jade green with shiny gold accents...